Why Should I Make My Website Responsive?

“Why should we make our website responsive?” is a question that we are often asked.  We’ll give you 4 reasons why you should make your website responsive, but first, let’s define what we mean by “responsive”.

A responsive designed website –  often referred to as a mobile friendly site – is a website that automatically adjusts to view properly on whatever device the visitor is using to view it.  The website’s design and layout will automatically change depending on the visitor’s screen size, resolution, and orientation.  Your visitors won’t have to pinch to zoom on their phones and tablets, or have trouble navigating to the content they’re looking for.

Why your website needs to be responsive

Well we promised you 4 reasons, so here they are:

1. Google

Google, with nearly 67% of the internet traffic traveling through it, favors mobile friendly sites in it’s searches.  In fact, part of a website’s ranking on Google is now significantly penalized for not being optimized for mobile use.  If you want to increase your SEO, creating a responsive website is a must.

2. It Provides the Best User Experience

Want to provide a positive user experience when people visit your site?  Then a responsive website is the way to go because it allows users to have a seemless experience on your site no matter if they’re visiting on a desktop, tablet or phone.  A positive experience makes visitors more likely to stay initially and come back later, which will increase your opportunities to convert them into a lead.

3. It’s Easier to Manage and More Cost Effective

Back in the day (which isn’t that long ago when we’re talking about the internet), companies actually made two websites, one for desktops and one for mobile users.  You may occasionally still see options to view the website in desktop mode when you’re on your phone – that means it’s showing you their website created specifically for a phone.  Having a responsive site will also help with future scalability – as new devices and resolutions come out, you will be positioned to take advantage of them.

4. Mobile Usage is Exploding

Over 55% of internet searches now take place on a mobile smart phone, and that number is increasing.  Over 58% of American adults have a smart phone and over 80% of consumers regularly use their smart phones to shop online.  As the next generation moves into adulthood those numbers will soar drastically.  These numbers alone should convince you that it is imperative to have a mobile friendly website if you want to reach the most amount of people.

At NTEK Creative, we create beautiful websites that are responsive and optimized for your visitor’s viewing.  If you have questions about responsive websites or if you are interested in re-designing your website to make it mobile friendly, contact us today for a free consultation.